Alexa Integration with Sitecore – Part 1 – Understanding Alexa Terminologies

This is a blog series to learn the Alexa Integration with Sitecore To start with, As all of you know Voice is the future. Statistics from Forrester: Below are some of the Statistics from Forrester(American market research company) Digital voice assistants are quickly growing 50% of US households will have smart speakers by 2022, accounting … Continue reading Alexa Integration with Sitecore – Part 1 – Understanding Alexa Terminologies


Sitecore 9.2 Features

In this blog post, I will list out the features and enhancements which are part of the recent release of Sitecore version 9.2. As usual, a number of bug fixes and improvements have been made, thanks to the Sitecore partner community for providing feedback and recommendations on the previous version. Sitecore focuses on this version … Continue reading Sitecore 9.2 Features

Sitecore Chrome Plugin – Continuation

This article is the continuation of my previous article Sitecore Chrome Plugin In this blog post, I will provide additional Google Chrome plugins which will make working with Sitecore much easier. Sitecore Version Detector Sitecore Icon Search URL Replacement Sitecore Analytics Testing Tools Dan's Sitecore Shortcuts Enhance Sitecore Cache.aspx Sitecore Version Detector This plugin will … Continue reading Sitecore Chrome Plugin – Continuation

AB Testing – Known Issues in Sitecore 8.2 update 5

Recently, I was working on implementing A/B testing for some of the web pages in one of my engagement. The Sitecore version was 8.2 update 5. During the implementation, I ran into lot of issues, which I was able to overcome and also there were some issues for which I reached out to Sitecore Support … Continue reading AB Testing – Known Issues in Sitecore 8.2 update 5

ListManager – Contacts are not updated

Purpose of this articles is to explain a problem I recently faced while using Sitecore List Manager and how I fixed the issue. The List Manager application is used to create and manages lists, that other applications and modules(like EXM) will be using. The List Manager uses Analytic index (sitecore_analytics_index) to populate the data(contact information) in the … Continue reading ListManager – Contacts are not updated