Sitecore Dictionary items showing Key instead of Phrase text

Purpose of this articles is to explain a problem I recently faced while using Sitecore Dictionary Items and how I fixed the issue. The Sitecore Dictionary item is very useful when you want controls to display content in different languages depending on the current language (Sitecore.Context.Language). Although the use of the dictionary items looks very … Continue reading Sitecore Dictionary items showing Key instead of Phrase text


Override Sitecore Publish Wizard Form

This blog post is about customizing the Publishing Wizard to show custom messages while publishing items from Sitecore content tree. This custom messages will alert the content authors about the potential problems that may occur in publishing certain items along with its child items/related items like users who are trying to publish the root item(example: … Continue reading Override Sitecore Publish Wizard Form

Troubleshoot Publishing Issues

When an Content Author edit or create item in Sitecore,  it must be published to an publishing target and content will be shown on website from the publishing target only. However, during the publishing operation, some of the items may not be published to the publishing target due to various restrictions which the Content Author may not … Continue reading Troubleshoot Publishing Issues