Module – Smart Publishing Queue

About the Tool:

A smart tool that acts as a personal assistant for Admin Users or Support Team Resources to quickly do the following action

  • Extract the Running and Queued Publishing Jobs when the Publishing Queue got Stuck or there is a need to Prioritize or Kill the Publishing Jobs
  • Republish the Extracted Publishing Jobs after fixing the issue (Clear queue/Reset Publishing Instance, Etc)
  • Prioritize or Deprioritize the particular Publishing Job in the Publishing Queue
  • Kill the unwanted Publishing Jobs from Extracted Jobs

It can be downloaded from Market Place Here.

Business Need:

  • Most often we came across the situation that Publishing Queue got stuck. During that time We will fix the issue after extracting Publishing Job info manually and then we will Republish the extracted Publishing Jobs one by one or ask Content Editors to Republish their Publishing Jobs
  • Priority Publishing – Prioritizing the Publishing Jobs in the Queue
  • Need of Killing the unwanted Publishing Jobs in the Queue


  • Go to the SmarPublishingQueue Page which is added as a Admin Page


  • Click on Extract Publishing Info Link
  • Fix the issue (Clear Queue/Reset Publishing Instance, Etc..)
  • Kill the unwanted Publishing Jobs If any
  • Prioritize or Deprioritize the Publishing Jobs if needed
  • Republish the Publishing Jobs

Key Benefits:

  • Self Remediation feature reduced the incoming incident related to publishing job stuck
  • Enhanced Priority Publish
  • Option to Kill the unwanted Publishing Jobs
  • Reduced the manual effort for extracting and Republishing the Publishing Jobs

 Additional Details: 

  • Extracted Publishing Jobs Info will be saved as Json format in App_Data Folder of the WebSite (Website\App_Data\PublishingInfo\QueuedJobsInfo.json) 

 Screenshot of the Tool:



Separate file SmartPublishingQueue.log.<<DateTime>>.txt has been used for logging the tool’s info/error.

Log configuration is also included in the package itself. No additional configuration required.


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